Tools, Products & Newsletters

Tools, Products & Newsletters

A list of tools and products that I'm currently using.


  • Fastmail - privacy focused email on my own domain. Stop using Gmail! Personal
  • - A new way to think of email. Mostly just using it to read newsletters. Personal
  • WorkFlowy - How I stay organized. I use it for daily notes and todos. Personal Work
  • OneNote - Old faithful. Mostly used for longer notes and bigger projects. Personal Work
  • Notion - A great way to manage all kinds of content, and is hosting this site through Personal
  • Telegram - Encrypted messaging that isn't run by the big, bad social network Personal
  • Bitwarden - Open Source password management, and the best UX for managing passwords Personal
  • Panelbear - Privacy-friendly analytics for your sites, with a great free tier Personal
  • - Easy to use one-page site and landing page creator. Great for about me pages! Personal



  • Benedict Evans - weekly newsletter on tech
  • Changelog - developer news and podcasts
  • Patent Drop - weekly summary of new patents from big tech
  • - handpicked, validated SaaS ideas
  • Culture Study - newsletter by AHP, former culture writer for BuzzFeed News
  • a16z - Inside view of what's next in business and tech New
  • Scott Hanselman - Scott's newsletter of wonderful things
  • 5ish - newsletter by M.G. Siegler
  • - All kinds of technology and business information. (link = discount on the subscription) New
  • Exploding Topics - Surface rapidly growing topics before they take off New

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