Tools, Products & Newsletters

A list of tools and products that I'm currently using.


  • Fastmail - privacy focused email on my own domain. Stop using Gmail! Personal
  • Hey.com - A new way to think of email. Mostly just wanted to try it out and am using it to read newsletters. Personal
  • WorkFlowy - How I stay organized. I use it for daily notes and todos. Personal Work
  • OneNote - Old faithful. Mostly used for longer notes and bigger projects. Personal Work
  • Notion - A great way to manage all kinds of content, and is hosting this site through super.so Personal
  • Telegram - Encrypted messaging that isn't run by the big, bad social network Personal
  • Bitwarden - Open Source password management. Also, the best UX for managing passwords in my opinion. Personal


Tech Setups

A bunch of these posts have cropped up since most people are now working from home. They are interesting to me, simply to see what others are using but also what technology and product gems exist out there that I didn’t know about.